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Driving directions from Tallahassee, Florida:  From Capital circle on the south side of Tallahassee, take Hwy 319, also known as Crawfordville Hwy, south for approx. 15-20 min. driving time.  We are located  on the left side of the hwy, just after the Winn Dixie and directly across the street from CVS. 

If Driving from the St. George Island or Appalachicola:   Drive north on 98, passing thru Carrabelle.  You can take either 319 through Sopchoppy or continue on 98 through Panacea, both ways come together again in Medart. As you approach a fork in the road where 319 and 98 separate in Medart you want to take 319 to the left.  After going through the center of Crawfordville we are located about a mile north on the right side of the road, just after Ace Hardware and across from CVS. 
Below is An expanded Map of the area we are located.  You can see we are south of Tallahassee and north of St. George, Carrabelle, St. Teresa and Alligator Point. 
Darkened area on map above shows the general location of map at left in relation to the rest of the state of Florida. 
Myra Jean & Butch shown with their rendition of the Florida Governor's mansion they made out of gingerbread, fondant and royal icing in 2006 for the 50th Anniversary of the real Florida Governor's mansion.
Myra Jean's Restaurant is a 7 day a week family oriented restaurant where everyone can find something to their liking!  As you can tell from the list of menu pages we have quite a variety of delicious food.  We have been in business since October 26, 1985 and have been locally owned and operated by the Nutting family the entire time.  Originally opened as a Cake and sandwich shop by Myra Jean Nutting, later to be joined by her husband Butch, just 3 months later, it has grown over the years to be a full fledged family restaurant and for 25 years a cake shop too.  In December 2010 Myra Jean and Butch retired from the bakery business and today the restaurant is run by son Rob and his wife Raina.  Though the bakery is no longer in operation the restaurant continues to offer a Great place for families or businesses to dine in pleasant surroundings with happy smiling service and delicious food. 
With the closing of our bakery we gained additional space to be used for extra dining seats during lunch or evening time, or this space can be reserved for meeting or banquet needs.  This room is 24x24 and can easily accomodate 40-50 people.  Please call 926-7530 to discuss the possibilites of arranging for  a large group for this room.  Special buffet dining in this room can be arranged in advance.  This room now has 3 tvs  installed and one can be set up for powerpoint presentations or slideshows or videos such as for a sports teams end of season banquet.  Recently renovated this room has ceramic tile floors, vertical blinds on the windows and a pleasant airy feel to it. 
This smaller room also became available after the closing of the bakery.   Recently renovated,  This room can seat 15-20 people depending on table arrangement and also has a tv for powerpoint, video or slideshow presentation.  This room is more private and is perfect for smaller meetings, as with a committee or other small group.  Please call 926-7530 to make arrangements to reserve this room for your special event needs. 
(850 926-7530
2669 Crawfordville Hwy.
Crawfordville, Florida 32327
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Located at 2669 Crawfordville Hwy (also known as hwy 319)
Crawfordville, Florida 32327, We are just south of Winn Dixie and across the street from CVS Pharmacy.  See map at the bottom of this page.
Myra Jean's Restaurant